Typical Costs:

Food: Huge variance depending on where you are. Street Food: $2/meal. Restaurants: $5-15/meal.

Drinks: Local Beer: $2. Cocktails: $4-6.

Hostels: $9-15/night. 

Activities: Free (minus the expected tip at the end) walking tours available in most cities. Incredibly cheap outdoor activities in the national parks make these well worth it for budget travelers, too.

Transportation: Domestic flights are around $50-100 and buses are about half that (we found an amazing last-minute $29 flight so it’s worth looking). But the buses are pretty comfortable as well. These usually go for $20-$40 depending on the distance.

Daily Budget: $35 for budget travelers. Add a bit more if you plan on excursions, etc.


The Basics:

  • Currency: Colombian Peso (click here for INSANE current conversion rates)
  • Visa: 90-day visa available for U.S. residents. 
  • Safety rating: Ranked 146/163 on the Global Peace Index with a score of 2.64. Not great, but stick to the tourist places and you'll be fine.
  • Gay Travel Friendliness: Bogota is home to the largest gay club in Latin America. That said, I’d restrict PDA in Colombia. Places like the Old City in Cartagena should be fine, but in most places I’d play it safe.
  • Climate: It's a huge country that is generally warm, unless you're in the mountains which can run chilly.
  • Random useful tip: If you’re planning on taking buses long distances, night buses are totally safe despite a (by now inaccurate) lingering reputation from years past. The buses are pretty great and taking an overnight bus means you won’t have to spring for accommodation!