Typical Costs:

Food: Varies. Street Food: $2/meal. Restaurants: $10/meal.

Drinks: Local Beer: $2. Cocktails: $6.

Hostels: $10-15/night. 

Activities: On the whole, activities are not that expensive comparative to the States. Beach sports are the most affordable in the Southwest (Oaxaca) and the most expensive in tourist-heavy resorts in the Northeast (Cancun/Tulum.)

Transportation: Domestic flights are around $60-100 and buses are about half that. But the buses are SUPER comfortable: you can recline fully back, you have a tv screen, and plenty of leg room.

Daily Budget: $35 for budget travelers. Add a bit more if you plan on excursions, ect.


The Basics:

  • Currency: Mexican Peso (click here for current conversion rates)
  • Visa: 180-day visa available for U.S. residents. 
  • Safety rating: Ranked 142/163 on the Global Peace Index with a score of 2.64. Not great, but stick to the tourist places and you'll be fine.
  • Gay Travel Friendliness: Most parts of the country are awesome for gay travelers. People are friendly and outgoing, and the streets are generally safe and easy to navigate. Most neighborhoods in Mexico City are forward-thinking and have a gay bars. The East Coast has more gay-activities and bars than the West. In the middle of the country, I would restrict PDA since most small towns are hyper-religious. 
  • Climate: It's a huge country that is generally warm, unless you're in the mountains (like Mexico City) which can run chilly.
  • Random useful tip: The secondary economy (cleaning ladies, street food vendors, ect.) in Mexico accounts for 1/4 of it's GDP.