HIGHLIGHTS: Our Three Week Trip Through Colombia

Nick and Tani show the best and worst parts of their three-week vacation in Colombia. If you're planning your first trip, this is just a preview of what you'll experience in this amazing, deeply misunderstood country. For more, check out our full Colombia Travel Guide including our itinerary, cost breakdown, and recs on places to visit!

           If you’re looking for a gateway into South America, you couldn’t ask for a more magical welcome experience than Colombia. We stepped off the plane from Mexico and were excited but a little sad we weren’t in Mexico anymore. As you’ll see in the video, though, Colombia roped us in right away and kept getting better and better! The diversity of landscape and experiences in a place like Colombia means no one could possibly get bored and no matter how long your trip is, you’ll leave wishing you had more time.

            We hopped off the plan in B-O-G with a dream and our cardigan and the city did not disappoint. The next week was a whirlwind of hiking up beautiful Mount Monserrate, tasting exotic fruits and delicious coffee on our Bogota Bike Tour, perusing political street art and tasting several courses’ worth of traditional Colombian food. By the end of the week we were ready to move on to the next destination, but it was a week well spent.

            From there, it was up to the northern Caribbean coast to soak up the sun. Cartagena’s walled city is one of the most beautiful urban settings we’ve ever seen. To say that it’s easy to get lost in the colorful alleys and colonial streets is not an exaggeration – in fact, we ditched our walking tour halfway through just so that we could get lost in the alleys some more. Grab some gelato or a cold beer and lose yourself. Truly.

            Don’t get too lost, though, so that you can snap back into reality in time to head eastward to the breathtaking Tyrona National Park. We stayed off the grid for a while taking in the sunset in Taganga and tubing down the Río Palomino. If nature is your jam, you’ve got to make your way up here to the country’s Northeastern corner.  

            After that? Colombia kept on delivering. It was almost like we planned it this way, to fall in love with one city only to be handed another we loved even more. We traded the luscious jungles of the north for the dazzling nightlife of Medellín (with a few amazing restaurants throw in for good measure). Once we’d had our fill of the city, we rounded out the experience with a trip to our absolute favorite – Salento. This was it. We had saved the best for last. Salento gave us the best hike of our lives, landscapes for days, and the best damn cup of coffee I’ll probably ever get to sip.

            To relive all of this with us, watch the highlight reel from above. You might want to have your laptop ready when you’re done. You know, so you can search “airfare to Bogota” immediately.