New York City: Visas and Birthdays


We're now just under two weeks away from the start of our trip, and DAMN. Things are flying by at a rapid pace. We just started packing up, selling, and shipping all of our stuff back to San Francisco and it's finally hitting us. We're actually doing this. 

Maybe in another blog post we'll talk about everything it took to plan our trip, but the thing that's been giving us the MOST anxiety is applying for tourist visas. Luckily, we live in the U.S. so most places don't require us to get a visa (at least, not yet...#fucktrump) but the two we def needed to get are from Bolivia and Brazil.

So naturally we decided to get them on Tani's 29th birthday. 

If you're planning on visiting these countries, know that the visas were super college application complicated. AND they take your passport for 5-7 business days, meaning you can only do one a week. Plan accordingly. Here's everything we had to provide for both:

-A typed itinerary of our travel plans

-Confirmation of travel in and out of the country

-Confirmation of our accommodation

-Completed Online Application

-Resized passport photo 

Then we had to print out our visa application (we don't have a printer), pay $150 each, and visit the physical consulate to relinquish our passports for stamping. This took us an entire New York City day. And we have to do it again with Brazil. It was not cute. 

But luckily afterward, we got to celebrate at our favorite pizza place, Barbonchino in Crown Heights!