New York City: Beach Trip

Our first vlog post! 

I'm writing this 25 days before we take off on our first ever WORLD TOUR! It's hard to wrap my head around all these feelings because there is a whole lot of everything happening all at once. Even though Tani and I have been planning this trip for years, it still feels like it's crept on us so I have to begin saying goodbye to many of the people, places, and things that have comforted me throughout my early 20's.

It's bittersweet.

I'm starting this daily vlog to keep track of all the little journeys and lessons the world has to teach me. And I hope you get something out of watching me learn how to film and edit, while navigating a brand new city everyday.

I'm so happy and grateful I get the opportunity to travel the world, but I also needed a break from the stress of it all. So I called up my girl, Julia and hopped on the ferry to Rockaway Beach for the day.